Lambda Classical Caucus
A Coalition of Queer Classicists and Allies


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The Lambda Classical Caucus is a coalition of queer Classicists--including, but not limited to, lesbians, bisexuals, gay men, and transgender people--and their friends and supporters. It was founded in 1989 as the Lesbian and Gay Classical Caucus. Although Lambda is a group affiliated with the Society for Classical Studies (previously the American Philological Association), LCC members need not belong to the SCS. Anyone who wishes to participate, and who is sympathetic to our mission, is welcome to join the LCC.

The purpose of the Caucus is twofold: scholarly and political. Our scholarly purpose is to promote research that reflects the personal and intellectual interests of queer scholars, and provide a bridge between Classics and the interdisciplinary fields of LGBT/Queer Studies, the history of sexuality, cultural studies, and gender theory. Our main activities are hosting academic panels and co-hosting the opening-night reception at the annual APA meeting. We also sponsor an email discussion list and the annual Rehak Award and also a new Graduate Student Paper Award.

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