IRIS The Newsletter of the Lambda Classical Caucus

September 2005

NEW!  Call for Papers: Queer Icons Panel 2007 Historical figures from ancient Greece and Rome--such as Sappho, Plato, Alexander, Elagabalus and Hadrian--have played a vital part in the construction of modern queer identities, while the politics of sexuality has in turn influenced both the study of such figures and their representation in creative and scholarly works.  The 2007 panel, organized by Ruby Blondell, will focus on contemporary appropriations and exploitations of iconically gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered figures from ancient Greek and Roman history. How have such figures been used to construct, celebrate and/or deny contemporary queer identities? How have these constructions played back into scholarship and/or popular "historical" or fictional representations? ...(more)


Lambda Panel 2006: Queering Mythology Organized by Cashman Kerr Prince.  This year's Lambda Panel, to take place at the Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, seeks to both provide a view of current queer readings of Greco-Roman mythology and inspire additional work in the field. ... (more)


Women's Classical Caucus Panel 2006: Women and the Transformation of the Classics, 1600 - 1900 Organized by Laura McClure and Yopie Prins


Paul Rehak Award 2006:  Nominations for the Lambda Classical Caucus's first annual prize are being accepted until October 31, 2005. Named in memory of Paul Rehak, Classics professor and former LCC co-chair, the Rehak award honors the excellence of a publication relating to the LCC's mission. Relevant topics include, but are not limited to, homosocial and homoerotic relationships and environments, ancient sexuality and gender roles, and representation of the gendered body. . ... (more)


John J. Winkler Memorial Prize: This Prize honors the memory of John J. ("Jack") Winkler, a classical scholar, teacher, and political activist for radical causes both within and outside the academy, who died of AIDS in 1990 at the age of 46. Winners of the 2005 Winkler Prize are: Marianne Hopman, a Ph.D. candidate in Classics at Harvard, for "From Devouring Monster to Femme Fatale: Scylla in the Greek and Roman Imagination," and Dana Longton, a Classical Languages major at Vanderbilt University, for "'Beastly Obscenity' and the Serious Irrumator."... (more)


Women's Classical Caucus:  Seeking Graduate Student Representatives!


Shocker:  Cross-Dressing at the 2004 Annual APA/AIA Meeting??? ... See the revealing pictures...


Iris Summer (and Fall) Book List:  Some new (and not-so-new) books, assembled for your browsing pleasure.


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The Iris newsletter is compiled by Jerise Fogel, Marshall University.